How we invest our funding is important to Montgomery Junior School, and how we maximise our school budget to ensure that we continuously strive to enable learning and improve pupil outcomes is of paramount importance to us.

The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body work hard to maximise effective and efficient spending that will make a difference to the children who are in our school today. 

What is the Pupil Premium and Service Pupil Premium?  The Pupil Premium funding was introduced in April 2011 for children from low-income families and the Service Pupil Premium supports children from families with parents in the Army, Navy and RAF. 

Click here to read or download the Service Pupil Premium - Examples of Best Practice booklet 2017 (we are featured on page 9).


The Pupil Premium Grant allocation to the end of the financial year 2021-22 is £119,705

The Service Pupil Premium Grant allocation for the financial year 2021-22 is £52,700.

 MJS- PPG Strategy 2021-22


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PPG Report 2021-22