Teaching the Curriculum

Montgomery Junior School offers its pupils a broad and relevant curriculum. The school follows the requirements set out in the National Curriculum for England (2014). As far as possible, the content within this is taught through a number of well-planned themes in which teachers attempt to link aspects of the curriculum together in a meaningful way. We do not believe that children learn bits of knowledge in little compartments, but rather see the world as a whole. A thematic approach to curriculum design provides this more holistic learning experience for children. Themes have a ‘driver’, a main subject focus for the theme. For example, a theme entitled ‘How’s it work?’ may have a science driver and so will contain a reasonable amount of learning in science. The theme may also teach aspects of reading and writing, art, design and technology as well as computing.

Some learning occurs outside of the thematic approach. Mathematics tends to be taught independently as do subjects such as PE and music. Where possible, some of the learning in these subjects is applied within the themes where appropriate.

Information about the themes being covered in each class is provided to parents throughout the year under the classroom tab of this web-site.

The required content within the latest National Curriculum (set out in English, mathematics, science, art & design, computing, design & technology, geography, history, languages, music and physical education) is mapped out within our long-term framework, demarcated into year groups. We supplement normal class teaching with additional specialist support in French, music, drama and physical education. Early morning and extra-curricular provision adds further opportunities for many children. Intervention support is offered throughout each year to children for whom this is deemed necessary.


A copy of the curriculum overview for each year can be found through clicking on this link.