Our Teachers

Mrs Summers

Mrs Summers was born and raised in Colchester. She lives with her husband, daughter and a fish. In her spare time, she loves to read books and play music. Mrs Summers plays the flute, piano and cello.

Mrs Summers went to school in Colchester and attended the universities of Sheffield and Canterbury. At university she studied music and completed her teaching degree.

Mrs Perry

Mrs Perry graduated from Essex University in 2015 with a first class BSc Hons degree in Psychology. She then completed her initial teacher training and graduated in June 2016. After that she secured her first teaching job in our school.

Mrs Perry was born and grew up in Colchester, but has recently moved to Suffolk with her husband. Her hobbies include sports and music. She plays tennis with her husband as well as playing netball and hockey. Mrs Perry can play the flute and saxophone and likes to play duets with members of her family.

Mrs McRae

Mrs McRae has been teaching 14 years. She is originally from Kent but moved to Colchester when her husband was posted here. They have three children, all boys, and a border collie dog. She plays netball for a team called the 'Typhoons' and her favourite thing to do is spending time with her family.

Miss Staines

Miss Staines graduated from Anglia Ruskin university in 2009 with a BA Hons in Primary Education with initial teacher training. After 2 years she became English Co-ordinator and then in 2012 she studied to become a SENCO. She been teaching now 7 years. 

Miss Staines grew up in Chelmsford and worked in a small Catholic Primary school in Braintree at the start of her career. She has taught all age groups from Year 1-6, her favourite year group being Year 6. She currently lives on Mersea Island. 

Miss Staines hobbies include singing- she enjoys writing and recording music with her brother and sister as well as being the lead singer in a functions band. She also enjoys baking and walking her two dogs, Bobby and Franklin along the beach in the evenings. 

Mr Holton

Mr Holton started teaching in 2008 at a small village school in Danbury, Chelmsford. For most of his life he has lived in Essex, including Kelvedon, Witham and Colchester. American Football is his greatest love and he keenly follows the Green Bay Packers. He also spends time learning about computers and his beloved pets. In total there are currently (January 2017) 80 legs in his house! He owns 15 rats and 4 very spoilt guinea pigs!

Mrs Planting

Mrs Planting grew up in Tiptree, where she was a member of the artistic rollerskating club from the ages of nine to seventeen. The group did everything that you see of professional ice skaters, just on four wheels! The sport took Mrs Planting to competitions across the county and as she progressed she got involved in training, a big influence on her ultimate career choice.

Mrs Planting really enjoyed school and went to the UEA in Norwich where she got a first class degree in Psychological Sciences before completing her PGCE in 2009. She was lucky to get her first job in a small village school where she had trained, before meeting her husband and deciding to move back to Colchester.

Outside of school, Mrs Planting loves travelling and visited both Iceland and Australia last year. She enjoys skiing and recently learnt to scuba dive.

Miss Oxley

Miss Oxley has just begun her 4th year of teaching, after studying in Birmingham, spending one year at Great Bentley Primary, two years in Sheffield until arriving at Montgomery Junior this September. She absolutely loves dogs and has a 1 year old labrador of her own called Milo.

Miss Oxley also loves spending time with he family as well as going on holiday. She spent some of the summer in Thailand where she worked closely with elephants (her favourite animal).

Her favourtie hobby is singing to music in her clasroom after school when the pupils have gone home.

Miss Cannons

Having completed studies at Nottingham University and the University of East Anglia, Miss Cannons teaching career began in Braintree in 1999. She took up a position at Montgomery Junior School in 2005 after taking a year out of the classroom to backpack around the world. She continues to love spending time abroad as well as unwinding at favourite spots along the Suffolk coast.

When she's not at school (or on holiday), Miss Cannons can often be found out and about with her super shiny black Labrador who is guaranteed to enjoy a stroke if you stop and say hello!

Miss Cannons is very competitive and was once a member of the award winning girl guide tent erecting team in Great Bentley! She is quite good at taking photographs and has recently enjoyed some clay-pigeon shooting lessons.

Mrs Rattray

Mrs Rattray grew up in a military family and lived most of her early childhood abroad. Her only time in the UK was spent in Colchester and her older sister attended Montgomery Infants!  She has been teaching since 1994 and started work at Montgomery in 2008. Ofsted visiting made her first day memorable! 

She lives with her husband and two children who are all very sporty so she works hard at the gym to keep up. Other hobbies include reading and she also loves playing the game ‘Articulate’.

Mrs Dignum

On leaving Middlesex University in 1996, Mrs Dignum moved to Colchester and started her teaching career at Montgomery Junior School. She has been responsible for many aspects of the curriculum since joining. However, science and maths are her passion.

At home, she enjoys making and doing activities. Baking, sewing, DIY, gardening and origami occupy her time when not working.

Mrs Dignum's cocker spaniel, Holly, is a lively dog who keeps her busy walking every day. Holly particularly likes catching balls and wading through muddy puddles.

Mrs Dignum enjoys trying out new things. When in her '30s she attended an adult dance class and even passed 3 exams on the way. Also, her mother originates from the Isle of Man, which makes her ¼ Viking!

Mr White

After leaving the University of Essex, Mr White has developed his skills in Key Stage Two classes, including Year 6. He has a number of hobbies which he enjoys outside of school. These include, knitting and crochet where he has taken on the challenge of creating wedding dresses from vintage patterns. He also enjoys sewing and can sometimes be seen wearing waistcoats or shirts that he has made himself. Following years of hard work, he has achieved Grade 6 in Piano Performance and completed Grade 8 in Musical Theory. His most recent venture is archery.

Mr O'Malley

To come!

Mrs Talbot

Mrs Talbot was born in South Africa, and enjoyed the Durban sunshine until she was 20 and moved to the UK.  Although the weather was not quite as good, she enjoyed living and working in London, travelling all over the world with her job.   When she moved to Colchester in 2003 she immediately felt at home and has lived here ever since with her 2 daughters, dad, husband, cat and fish.

Mrs Talbot loves reading even more than chocolate (which is a lot), and likes to suggest books to everyone she meets.  She also enjoys eating in interesting restaurants and going for walks on the beach with her family.